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Siren (Coconut Paradise)

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Siren (Coconut Paradise)

In Greek mythology, the Sirens seduced sailors with their enchanting voices. This soap was designed with the beauty and danger of the ocean in mind.

Our home-crafted soap scented is scented with a high-quality 100% phthalate-free fragrance oil. Be transported to your favorite beach with notes of orange, mandarin, pear, marine accord, pineapple, coconut, apple, jasmine, and lily of the valley finished with musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and tonka. Exotic and sensual, this soap will leave your skin silky smooth and beautifully fragranced.

Beautiful as a gift or personal indulgence this is a luxury goat's milk and vegan glycerin soap blend.

Please note that because this is a handmade soap, there will be variations with each batch. Therefore, the soap you receive may not look exactly as shown.

Ingredients: Goat's Milk Base, Vegetable Glycerin Base, Fragrance Oil, Mica