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Glow Up

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Glow Up

Glow Up was inspired by a Tahitian sunset - a breathtaking spectacle, painting the sky with a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. The air on a Tahitian beach is infused with an intoxicating blend of tropical scents. As the waves crash against the shore, they release the salty tang of the ocean, mingling with the earthy aroma of sun-warmed sand. Coconut palms sway overhead, their fragrant fronds carrying hints of sweet, nutty undertones. Nearby, tropical flowers bloom in a riot of colors, their perfumes filling the air with delicate floral notes. And as night falls, the scent of bonfires and grilled seafood drifts on the breeze, adding a touch of smokiness to the sensory symphony of the island evening.

Glow Up captures these scents with notes of cocoa butter, vanilla tonka bean, coconut, jasmine and light musk. A complex fragrance that's both spicy and warm.

Our 100% soy wax candle burns clean and will add hours of pthalate-free fragrance to any room.

Never leave burning candle unattended while burning and take care when handling the container as it will heat up during use.

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each burn and do not burn on wood or other non heat-resistant surfaces.

Do not burn candle near vents, fans or air drafts.

Never let your candle burn all the way down. Once you've burned your candle to about 1/4 inch from the base, it's time for farewells.