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Al Fresco (Green Tea & Cucumber)

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Al Fresco (Green Tea & Cucumber)

Home-crafted soap scented with Green Tea and Cucumber high-quality 100% phthalate-free aromatic oil.

Leaving your skin feeling silky soft, moisturized, and softly scented my homemade soap feels like summer. The crisp and clean scent is an instant mood booster. The word fresco, which comes from the Italian adjective fresco, meaning "fresh," encapsulates the essence of this soap. Use this all summer long or during the winter as your reminder of summer's carefree, sunny days.

Beautiful as a gift or personal indulgence, this is a luxury soap.

Please note that because this is a handmade soap, there will be variations with each batch. Therefore, the soap you receive may not look exactly as shown.

Ingredients: Goat's Milk Base, Vegetable Glycerin Base, Fragrance Oil, Mica